General issues

Why use a proxy?
Changing IP and DNS - You can hide your real IP address and DNS just by connecting a proxy;
Anonymity in the network - Anonymous and secure use of the Internet, hiding Internet activity from your provider;
Bypass locks - Removing service restrictions by IP, GEO data, port and protocol. Your internet becomes free;
Protection from hackers - Attacks by hackers fall on our proxy server. Attackers will not be able to learn the real IP.
How long does it take to receive proxy after the payment?
You receive the proxy automatically after the payment was made.
If the proxy doesn’t show in your personal account page, please contact our tech support.
What are the differences between your and competitors’ proxies?
Our proxies are provided individually to each customer and not for public use.
We assure you are the only users of the IP addresses you purchase from us, also those IP addresses are used for your purposes only.
Our proxies can be used for different social networks without any restrictions.
Our proxies are located at non overloaded servers so the response speed is way faster than at our competitors’, which is important in collecting and filtering of the information.
How to renew proxy?
At personal account page click “My proxies” tab, select the proxies you need, hit the “Renew” button and choose the period of extension and make the payment for the proxies you have chosen.
Is the 25 port open?
No, 25 port is closed. Email delivery is disabled.
Can be accessed through proxy websites from the registry of banned sites Roskomnadzor?
No, from 1 November 2017, access to them through a proxy is closed.
Qiwi and Paypal are available through a proxy?
No, in our network does not work Qiwi and Paypal.
Is Steam available through a proxy?
No, Steam is blocked in our networks.
What is the minimum rental period for proxy?
The minimum rental period for a IPv6 proxy is 3 days
The minimum rental period for a IPv4 / IPv4 Shared proxy is 30 days
For which sites are IPv6 proxies suitable?
IPv6 protocol proxies could be used only for sites that support IPv6 protocol, such as:,,, and other sites supporting ipv6
Are IPv6 proxies suitable for parsing?
IPv6 proxies are not suitable for parsing wordstat and software like keycollector as wordstat doesn’t support IPv6 protocol
Are IPv6 worse than IPv4?
No, only not all sites support IPv6 protocol
What IPv6 proxies look like?
IPv6 proxies are made as a tunnel from IPv4 to IPv6. The tunnel is used to help the soft receive proxy properly. Sites do not see the tunnel, just the IPv6 hidden at the tunnel’s port. A unique individual IPv6 address is located at each tunnel’s port.

Example of IPv4 -
Example of IPv6 hidden behind the port - fabc:de12:3456:7890:ABCD:EF98:7654:3210
What is the speed of the proxy?
IPv4 - 10 Mbit/s
IPv4 Shared - 10 Mbit/s
IPv6 - 30 Mbit/s
What are the formats of proxy?
Proxies of HTTPS and SOCKS5 formats are supported almost by any software.
At your personal account page you can easily switch the selected proxies’ formats from HTTPS to SOCKS5 and back.
How does the authorization work?
The authorization of the proxy can be made using login and password or using IP.
How to check proxies’ performance?
Respect the limits and do not use too many accounts within 1 proxy. Although the proxies are “clean”, inappropriate using may lead to bans.
You may check the addresses here:
First enter proxy to your browser setups, than try visiting this site from your IP and from proxy to see the difference.

Or you may use our online proxy-checker
How to check if the site or the service works with IPv6?
To check if the site or the service supports IPv6 protocol, visit website-ipv6-support and enter the address.
Can I replace the proxy?
Replacement is possible in the first day after purchase for a good reason.
Money back
1 day money back guarantee, however this doesn't applies if we detect that you have been using the proxies. We refund only in case of bugs (service not working), or slow/bad service performance. If you think your proxies are not working correctly, please contact our technical support. We will check and replace proxies that are not working properly.

For IPv4 Shared proxy, no refunds are made!